Alexandru Ciucu High Tailors Studio was founded as a result of a rich tradition and experience in the field of men’s costume, but also because of the desire to bring to the Romanian market a contribution in the education of the men’s style, being today the largest workshop costumes to order from Romania. The best craftsmen in the country are waiting for you to go through the threshold to try the experience of the tailor made „as it was once”, but with materials, cutting and modern approach. We make the costumes only in the „bespoke” mode, meaning that to the „made to measure” difference, we create a pattern from zero for each customer, because each one is unique in his physical peculiarities. The test is another element that differentiates us from the „made to measure” option and is important because we make sure we are on the right track in our desire to meet the clothing demands of those who require our experience. In this way, we are sure that at the end you will have the outfit that you dreamed of.


Alexandru Ciucu


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