AIMS International Romania is one of the pioneers in executive search and HR consulting in Romania, with more than 25 years of experience on the local market and a history of doing things differently, of innovation and experimentation. In today’s world, where people are no longer looking for just a job, but a vocation and a purpose, the recruiter’s role is about aligning people (with their individual talents, values and aspirations) and organizations (with their systems, culture and business objectives). Hire with Purpose, our most successful open-format training, offers new insights and tools for both recruiters and Hiring Managers in this shared challenge of alignment between people and companies or, in other words, choosing the right player for the right role. Pawn or future king? Who is your next candidate and how will you know? What kind of choice will you make? In the heat of the moment or carefully thought through? What are the right ‘’moves’’ that make a difference in this process? The 3-day intensive and immersive training experience of Hire with Purpose will provide answers to these questions and much more: performance profiles; the right mix of sourcing channels; basic LinkedIn activities for recruiters; candidate attraction and the recruiter’s role (employer & personal branding); the interview; assessing performance and motivation; candidate evaluation and final selection.


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