Café Lumière

The Café Lumiere story is a personal one! Combines passion for elegance with love of light and aroma! The best opportunity to meet your friends is a good coffee that invites you to the story! The Café Lumiere story is related to the story of our dear city, Timisoara. Our name, Café Lumiere, is a tribute to Timisoara, a cosmopolitan city, the first in Romania with its electrically illuminated streets, an elegant city with a Viennese architecture that brought Timisoara the name of „Little Vien”. The light of the 80 chandeliers in our café transforms the environment into a magical one of a contemporary Viennese ballroom that paradoxically impresses with nobility, grandeur and intimidation. We love coffee, tea and unique flavors, quality time and pampering with our friends or why not, along with our business partners. A coffee, a smoothie or a fresh become an unforgettable experience at Café Lumiere! For us, the customer is always on the first place, we strive to make Café Lumiere the favorite place for a coffee break, for a romantic meeting or to conclude a successful business. We invite you to Café Lumiere, in the coffee break, and whenever you want to feel good! Everything for and with you.


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