Even today, people living in Banat Region proudly remember Comtim, the former agricultural plant in Timisoara, the largest pork producer in Romania. For a long time, Comtim has been the pride of Banat, the largest pork processing plant in South-Eastern Europe and also the largest Romanian pork exporter. The unique quality of Comtim products was appreciated, throughout decades, by demanding consumers all over the world. Founded in 1967, Comtim hired thousands of skilled people living in Banat, both in animal production farms and in the meat plant. By local tradition, the quality of „Made in Banat” has defined Comtim meat, the special flavoured products and specialties, created and originating from the history of this unique region. Simple products, with an authentic and delicious taste, bring together generations of happy families around plentiful tables. 50 years later, Comtim launches the premium product assortment of tender and tasteful pork, namely „Comtim, Bun de Gătit”. Ready to Cook products and specialties invite you with its unique flavour and originate from the history of these places. Especially created for the modern and active family, but, at the same time, a family that is demanding in selecting quality products, and offering the daily supply of high quality animal protein, „Bun de gătit” premium assortment is the guest star of Comtim brand!


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