Le Monelline

With a long history, today’s tortellini is a stylish, tasteful dish that convinces us of the saying, „the strong flavors are kept in small containers.” Delicate preparation has overwhelmed the admiration of many and has fueled a multitude of legends about its origins. You can find us in the historical center of Timisoara, in a hospitable and modern environment. Because in everything we do harmoniously combine tradition with modern minimalist, in the surroundings of the place you will relax surrounded by the cheerful hues of raw green or warm wood, under the modern reflections of the designer lamps Foscarini. The good taste is complemented by the total transparency of the kitchen – in the open space you will see how we prepare our delicious pasta from scratch. Our place is small but welcoming, functional and spectacular at the same time. Serving is fast and gourmet food. On warm days, we invite you to our terrace.


Le Monelline


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