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Since companies began to define their strategies in terms of market share and revenue, the concern to increase efficiency in addressing clients and their relationship to preserve, develop and exploit a portfolio has become increasingly evident. The next moment, consultancy firms began to propose solutions to this. The relationship and sales methods have focused too much on how a vendor can influence and manipulate customer decisions, sometimes even aggressively. This has created and deepened a gap, despite the fact that the two sides can not exist without each other because the buyers have realized what is happening and I am currently rejecting this approach more explicitly and firmly. PRO Customer® is the construction of a team of highly experienced consultants in training and customer relations with their customers as a result of thorough analysis and prior testing. The approach that this team proposes to the customer relationship has the effect of restoring the partner relationship between the supplier and the buyer as well as restoring the dialogue between the two camps so that each achieves the purpose of the interaction.


Pro Customer


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