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In the high-end world of big-city dining, few restaurant genres evince more passion and contentious argument than the delicate, subjective, ever-changing realm of first-class sushi. This is especially true these days, when discreet tasting rooms and out-of-town chains seem to be popping up around this toro-mad town like so many coffee bars. The variety and freshness of its food, both raw and cooked, puts Sushi Ya in the top ranks of these restaurants. The interior’s elegant, clean lines veer toward minimalism, but the bamboo planks that compose the floor, ceiling, bars, and walls of the restaurant are as richly textured to the eye as they are smooth to the touch. If a fish is enhanced by subtly seasoned rice, it will be served as sushi. If it’s best alone, it will be sliced and served as sashimi. Rolls, too, are uncomplicated affairs. Located just steps away from the Timisoara City Centre in the Opera and Theatre area, our flagship Sushi Ya offers lunch and dinner service, a cocktail bar and sushi bar, private dining, group seating, catering, delivery and happy hour.


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