The Intelligent Logo Process.

We have developed this visionary process, Intelligentlogo®, that we activate every time we teach a brand how to speak. This is our crystal ball, our secret, to build memorable, fresh and energetic visual identities. We help brands adapt and live. We go even further: we deal with brand management to surprise again and again. That’s what we are good at and our customers, large companies or lively start-ups, trust our way of doing things.

Client Brief

The brief is the most important bit of information issued by a client to us. It’s from the brief that everything else flows.

Brief Analysis

This is the road map, supporting the needs, with built in signposts to support you through the branding process journey.

Archetype Mapping

Just like common people, your company’s brand has a personality. We identify this behaviour so your brand can be humanised.

Smart Concept

We define and develop the brand story by including consideration of the emotional content of the situation.

Smart Shape

Combining semiotics with cognitive functions we provide an interface between the brand and the physical world.

Smart Colors

Human responses to color are both affective and cognitive, involving emotional response and judgment. A new brand must follow this.

Concept Book

The logo progress working his way through all kinds of shapes and colours until it turns into a strong and mature brand marker.

Brand Book

These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and usually include approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, and others.

Smart Advertising

The final stage. We develop a complex customised strategy, based on your brand promise and archetype, to enter the scene.

The Intelligent Logo Benefits.

Have you ever thought about what a logo says? Yes, an intelligent logo can speak. A logo is not the brand or the company’s identity. It is the symbol that supports the company’s identity and that makes brand promise identification possible. It doesn’t have to be similar with what your competitors have, nor should it be completely different just to be different.

The logo must reflect the values in harmony with positioning.

It must have a symbolism, transmit a message, be representative for the company. Our design approach relies on a complexly developed process that leverages creative talent, math algorithms and business expertise to make a logo intelligent.

Smart Archetype Concept™

We help brand owners discover how they themselves perceive their brand, but also how customers from the outside world also see their brand. Understanding these differences in perceptions are essential to improving your brand and your relationship with the customer.

Intelligent Semiotic Shape™

Consumer use symbols to interpret the world. The study of signs and their meaning is called semiotics which is also known as "science of signs". The semiotic approach may yield different perspectives on branding, it is an intangible assets that generate value for a company. Brands are powerful entities because they blend functional, performance based values with emotional values.

Special Colour Mapper™

For a company to effectively 'own' a colour in its sector can provide an enormous competitive advantage, achieving instant recognition – in some cases even without a logo, or even a mention of its name. That's the power of colour, done right. Predicting consumer reaction to color appropriateness is far more important than the individual color itself.

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