Building on the conviction that Human Resources can make a difference between a successful and a failed organization, the IMPERSIOR team is aligned with the belief of helping their clients to change the way their organization works. To do this, they analyze the effectiveness of the organization and develop together with customers the objective of change that we then carry out together. Their interventions, through which they achieve the desired objectives, are either training or consulting type in introducing or refining driving systems. Any intervention by an IMPERSIOR consultant begins with a stage of need analysis, assessment and diagnosis of the current situation followed by a projection stage of the desired condition. Upon request, tools for assessing the initial state and then for the final state can be used, and the cost of their application should be refocused separately. The difference between the two (the assessment of the current state and the projection of the desired state) will be at the basis of the mission of the project in which they are involved. This intervention can be very simple, such as a training project of a team in the client organization, for example, but it can be very complex, such as redesigning the management systems of a team or organization.




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